Health Economics team publishes two protocols on systematic literature reviews on economic models in Alzheimer’s disease 30 Mar 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, ROADMAP’s Health Economics team published two of three protocols on the methods for systematic literature reviews they are currently conducting. This work is part of an information gathering and combination process with the purpose to inform a new economic model throughout the whole span of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The model aims to integrate information on disease progression, quality of life and the use of resources.

According to the protocol published on 23 January, the first review aims to systematically combine information on the utilisation of resources and costs which arise from the preceding preclinical stage of dementia on until the end of life. It specifically focuses on patients and their caregivers, and integrates health and social care services. In addition, it intends to identify the main drivers of costs and resources used.

In their conclusion the team stated that; “this review aims to address the economic impact of dementia, globally recognised as a health priority not only in terms of the impact it has on older people’s health but also on health and social care systems worldwide. Understanding the economic implications of this disease will allow policy-makers to devise better health and social care plans for both patients with dementia and their caregivers”.

As reported in the protocol published on 30 March, the second review aims to systematically identify and combine the measurements of health-related quality of life (HRQoL) for people with, and their caregivers across the full spectrum of, dementia from its preceding stage of predementia to end of life.

Discussing its potential impact, the authors stated that; “the results of this review could inform models assessing interventions on dementia for both patients and their caregivers by providing information about patient’s and caregiver’s perspective on treatment benefits. Additionally, this synthesis of HRQoL measurements for dementia patients and their caregivers can help policy-makers better understand the impact of this staggering clinical condition”.

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