ROADMAP Data Cube featured in Neuronet newsletter 19 Sep 2019

Neuronet is a collaborative effort to improve collaboration and exploit synergies across some of the key research projects tackling neurodegenerative disorders in the world today.

Our programme actively connects 15 research projects (including ROADMAP), encompassing more than EUR 280 million of funding. All of these projects have been launched by the Innovative Medicines Initiative, Europe’s biggest public and private partnership in the life sciences.

We are particularly proud that this first newsletter issue introduces our Data Cube, an interactive ‘heat map’ assessment that visualises different European data sources and what Alzheimer’s disease-related outcomes they capture. In addition to this, it includes an invitation for the Neuronet networking event where we will highlight ROADMAP and the other projects at this years’ Alzheimer Europe Conference on 23-25 October in The Hague.

Read the newsletter here:

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