ROADMAP publishes reports & presentations in public repository to ensure sustainability 28 Feb 2019

Like most projects, also ROADMAPs communication resources are limited. In this context, many projects struggle with sustainable solutions to keep project outcomes available for the public after the end of the funding period.

In order to keep the project’s outcomes such as public deliverables, but also presentations and interviews accessible, they have been uploaded to the Open Science Framework (OSF), a free and open source project management repository that supports researchers across their entire project lifecycle. OSF is maintained and developed by the Center for Open Science (COS), a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation. COS established a $250,000 preservation fund for hosted data in the event that COS had to curtail or close its offices. If activated, the preservation fund will preserve and maintain read access to hosted data. This fund is sufficient for 50+ years of read access hosting at present costs.

The ROADMAP resources can be accessed and referenced through this Digital Object Identifier:

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