Find out about ROADMAP's published and upcoming research articles 04 Mar 2019

The ROADMAP Consortium has already published a number of peer-reviewed publications and is working on a range of further papers that are soon to be published in a variety of journals. All of these are – respectively will be – available through ROADMAP’s publication repository. Click on the following link to find those already available and make sure to follow the project page to be among the first to receive updates:

The publications include:

Outcomes Team

Real-world evidence team

Health Economics team

Regulatory and HTA engagement team

Ethical, Legal and Social Implication team

  • Clinical trial data sharing: Justifications for increased transparency and access to data in four general medical journals
  • A protocol (published in BMJ open) on, as well as a systematic review of; “Ethical and social implications of using predictive modeling for Alzheimer´s disease prevention: a systematic review”
  • Trust, Protection and Engagement: The views of the European Working Group of People with Dementia on the sharing and re-use of health data
  • Manuscript on reviewing justifications for greater sharing, transparency, and access to clinical trial data
  • A Landscaping paper on ethics of outcome prioritisation in AD treatment: “Health outcome prioritisation in Alzheimer’s Disease: understanding the ethical landscape”
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