Towards outcomes-based healthcare: the EFPIA vision 06 Aug 2018

What is outcomes-based healthcare and how can we achieve it in Europe? Thomas Allvin, executive director of strategy and healthcare at the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, shares his thoughts with Health Europa.

Against a background of spiralling healthcare budgets, rapid population ageing, and rising numbers of chronic diseases, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is committed to outcomes-based healthcare as a means of realising a more sustainable, healthier future for Europe.

Speaking to Health Europa, the EFPIA’s executive director of strategy and healthcare systems, Thomas Allvin, reflects on the importance of patient-centric data, the need for new funding models, and the measures necessary to make outcomes-based healthcare a reality in Europe.

In what way does the EFPIA believe outcomes-based healthcare will contribute to a more sustainable future in Europe?

Many healthcare systems have traditionally been very focused on what they deliver in terms of how many doctors they have per person, how many hospitals they encompass, how many procedures and screenings they perform and so on – things that are easy to measure and to hold up as examples of investment.

At the EFPIA, we believe that in order to take Europe to the next level of quality in healthcare we need to start focusing in a more structured way on the actual health outcomes that are produced in the systems and to start measuring them. Healthcare systems in Europe and elsewhere are facing a sustainability crisis: an ageing population will place a much higher demand on healthcare than we’re seeing even today, but health budgets will not grow to match, so we need to make sure that the money we invest in healthcare is invested in the right way.

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Image source: Health Europa

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