Identification, mapping and integration of RWE

WP3 will address the challenges related to finding, extracting, harmonising, integrating and analysing data from RWE sources relevant to AD.

Overall objective: Identify and pool AD‐related RWE data and establish solution options for how to combine different RWE sources with RCT data supporting pharmacoeconomic evaluation (WP3)

Read more about the work of our Identification, mapping and integration of RWE team here.


  • Identify and assess data sources across the disease stages of AD that include clinical/health outcomes and economic outcomes (e.g., costs, utilities, QOL) of relevance to stakeholders
  • Develop pilot exercises of data extraction, harmonisation, integration and analysis supporting the project Use Cases, evaluating different methodologies and tools and helping assess data availability and suitability, by leveraging existing platforms, technologies and data management methodologies, which are in alignment with the Provisional Recommendation on Data Management Technology for projects in the Big Data for Better Outcomes Program (BD4BO)
  • Establish guidelines on how to best combine data from different RWE sources
  • Establish guidelines on how to best combine RCT data with pragmatic and EHR‐based research into a holistic data package for key decision‐makers
  • Develop  data  solution  options  applicable  to  different  real‐world  outcome  measures  supporting pharmacoeconomic evaluation
  • Explore opportunities of mobile health solutions and perform a pilot project in specified geographies