Project Management and Coordination

WP1 will provide scientific coordination and project management to ensure progress and successful completion of the Project.

Overall objective: Develop a full plan for phase 2 of the ROADMAP initiative that addresses identified gaps and pitfalls, and exploits promising solutions to their full potential for development of a European RWE platform in AD (WP1)

Read more about the ROADMAP vision and real-world evidence here.


  • Establish a project management and governance structure enabling efficient execution of the Project, including decision making, conflict resolution, reporting and accountability
  • Manage resources, procedures and tools to deliver the Project to plan, within time and budget, including risk management and quality control procedures on deliverables
  • Ensure effective communication and work dynamics between consortium members to help drive the whole Consortium as a team towards successful completion of the Project, with special attention to interactions between WPs
  • Ensure appropriate administration, financial allocation/reporting, legal management and logistics in support of the project
  • Develop the necessary mechanisms to ensure coordination with the Big Data for Better Outcomes programme, and collaboration with other relevant projects and initiatives
  • Integrate results from all other WPs into a credible roadmap for phase 2 of ROADS